Hey! I'm Jagjit Dhillon, I started my life a thousand miles from here on the other side of the planet. Then I took off to the Dubai where I worked as an Architect, while having a secret love affair with photography. That was due to being inspired by a close friend's photography and since then, the camera bug remained with me. I ended up moving to Canada, years later with my family and somewhere along the way took a few photography courses and won a bunch of awards. Fast forward to now >> Fort McMurray, that's where I call my home and absolutely love this town after seeing the world.

Here I live with my wife aka my assistant and two kids; unfortunately they had to be my subjects during the photography learning curve and WE survived!!

To me photography is all about my subject (you); a great picture captures your looks and emotions at their best. Let me help you capture those timeless moments!

Let's get going!! Contact me here or call to book a photo session. Don't forget to go through my portfolio on the website and like me here on Facebook.

"Don't shoot what it looks like. Shoot what it feels like." - David Alan Harvey